Meet the Team.

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Gina Tomlinson is an experienced TV personality with a diverse background in shooting, editing and producing media. Most recently a reporter at Wink News in Fort Myers Florida, Tomlinson is now using her versatile skills to create engaging video content and/or serve as an on-air talent for business. 


Tomlinson was born just outside of Detroit and graduated with a bachelor's degree in broadcasting from Central Michigan University.  Applying her skills reporting for CMU’s news team and as an intern at WZZM 13 in Grand Rapids, Tomlinson then packed up and went South to WXXV in Gulfport, Mississippi, beginning her career there as a reporter and fill-in anchor. When Hurricane Nate hit the gulf coast in 2017, Tomlinson delivered live reports following the tropical storm throughout the night, helping the station succeed in it's very first time undergoing wall-to-wall coverage. Keeping the local community informed has always been Gina’s driving passion, the impact of this being realized when one of her first interviews at WXXV exposed a criminal and reopened an investigation on behalf of the victim's family.

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Truth be told, I started writing at about 10 years old when I found an old dusty typewriter in dad’s basement. The keys had to be mashed for the letters to clearly show up on the page. All summer I typed short stories filled with adventure and heroism.


Fifteen years later, the GI Bill was crucial in becoming a USC School of Cinema-Television graduate. Professional storytelling and the written word have been a part of my life for the last 20 years.

People often ask, “what do you write?” World-wide recognized original screenplays, script doctor work, published author, memoirs, luxury brand blogs, and more are part of my portfolio. If you need writing done, I’d be happy to discuss your needs.


I specialize in ghostwriting and story branding.

Honor. Courage. Commitment. Those of us with the integrity to do what is right, even when it’s painful, have a duty to step forward and do it. All of my writing upholds the principles of truth, integrity and justice.

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Victoria grew up in Surrey, (Southern) England. At age 19 she established herself here in America as this would be where she had a number of successful on camera careers. After attending the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, she went on to study Broadcast Journalism, News Writing and Reporting at Santa Monica College.

Victoria had a recurring role on a soap opera on NBC ~ Sunset Beach, she read the weather on the KTLA morning News, worked on a number of commercials, infomercials and music videos.  She's hosted many red carpet events for TV interviewing celebrities such as 50 Cent, Samuel Jackson, Mathew Perry, Janet Jackson, Larry King amongst others and she has also starred in various reality shows including Masterchef. 

Most recently, she has been working on two high profile National political Campaigns – Mike Garcia and Eric Early who were both Republican candidates running for Congress in California in 2020. Politics is her passion and keeping this Country safe and Red is her main goal for 2022. After recently moving to the great Red State of Florida.


Victoria has recently joined Patriot News 45 to cover stories that the mainstream media would be afraid to touch because it's 'real' and covers the truth of what is going on today.  No story is too big or too small if you want the truth to be exposed by an outspoken and unafraid investigative journalist.... no matter the consequences.

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Unique creative videographer backed by decades of experience.

Born in a small town in Central Europe to Italian parents.

Vincenzo started learning the business by carrying video equipment for a professional camera operator from a local TV station and assisting them in shooting and editing. Soon thereafter he carried his own equipment and after working for some of the industry’s finest agencies, he decided to start he own business.

It gave him a unique opportunity to choose his projects, manage his time and work with the best in the business. He got his big break while on location on a  glacier in Austria in 1989 where he was asked by a BBC producer if he would be interested in covering two British adventurers competing in "The Gold Rush Classic", a snowmobile race from Anchorage to Nome on the historic Iditarod trail?


Ruggieri produced a local newscast named "Valley News" and shot, edited and produced over 800 shows on KYES-TV5. After 10 years in "THE LAST FRONTIER. He left the extreme North for Europe and 17 years later moved back to North America but this time to the extreme south.


Vincenzo pursued his passion for video production and finally, in July of 2021, He founded and produced the 1st "PATRIOT NEWS 45" a news program that exposes the Truth the Freedom, and the Integrity all other news stations refuse to air.